noun, ( used with a singular or plural verb)
1. literature or art dealing with sexual love.
1850-55; < Greek, neuter plural of erōtikós erotic


adjective, Also, erotical
1. arousing or satisfying sexual desire: an erotic dance.
2. of, relating to, or treating of sexual love; amatory: an erotic novel.
3. subject to or marked by strong sexual desire.
4. an erotic poem.
5. an erotic person.

Origin of erotic
1615-25; < Greek erōtikós of love, caused by love, given to love, equivalent to erōt- (stem of érōs) Eros + -ikos -ic


1. Sometimes, porno [pawr-noh]. pornography; sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings, or the like, produced to elicit sexual arousal (often used attributively): arrested for selling porn; a porn star;
porn films.
2. television shows, articles, photographs, etc., thought to cater to an excessive, irresistible desire for or interest in something:
a magazine filled with enticing food porn; an addiction to real-estate porn.


1. writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays.
2. the entire body of writings of a specific language, period, people, etc.: the literature of England.
3. the writings dealing with a particular subject: the literature of ornithology.
4. the profession of a writer or author.
5. literary work or production.
6. any kind of printed material, as circulars, leaflets, or handbills: literature describing company products.
7. Archaic. polite learning; literary culture; appreciation of letters and books.


Its been awhile since I have written on this site. Or written for pleasure. Im generalizing, but it would be accurate to assume that for most writers, writing is an all-consuming state. I write in bursts, or for periods, and if time permits it becomes all-encompassing. Ive even changed my stance on awful fuzzy nightgowns as a result. Both reading and writing have that effect on me. They always have. Im voracious until something intervenes, or at least the outside world can no longer be ignored. Escapist? Perhaps.
I find myself in a strange position. I, personally dont care too much for labels. Humans are too fluid, organic, to be pigeonholed; however, forms of categorization have their place. That quick summary, that for most part, helps us find quickly find what we are looking for.
We accept that there are semantic shifts in language, that a word, despite its meaning, can subtly allude to something else, or simply adapt. Literally as a modifier is now also perfectly acceptable as interchangeable for virtually. Oh, the irony.
Which brings me to my current turmoil.

The term or genre, Erotica has been bastardized.

There is no simpler way to say it. This is not about envy. It bothers me (rather viscerally, I might add) that authors who sit in the small pocket of writing erotica have been marginalized, and now are unsure of where to place their writing. I occasionally write erotica, but I also have written wank fodder in the guise of contemporary erotic romance. The two should not be confused.
This scramble to monetize the notoriety has screwed the life out of the genre in more ways that one. Less submission calls for actual erotica—in fact I was surprised to see one publisher still making the distinction between traditional romance, contemporary erotic romance and erotica—erotica authors being criticized (by readers) for not meeting this misled expectation of erotica (neither HFN, nor HEA are required), and the general feeling of despondency, or worse, impotency.
Erotica is not a neat little package with a bow. Contexts will be interpreted by readers, despite any authors intention, but good erotica is as thought-provoking as it is physical. It transgresses. Leaves you contemplating for hours, days even, about the characters, about yourself. It can challenge you and make you uncomfortable. Sometimes, depending on your persuasion, it may not even turn you on at all, or it may, against all reason.
Its not simply romanticizing over the mother-of-all fantasy panty/pants-droppers that gives you enough masturbation material for the next month. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m sure I’ve done the same. And theres always written porn. Objectify away!
That being said, I refuse to give up on the Erotica genre. I feel it would be such a disservice to the Erotica authors before us.
I dont have the answer. But, fight, I say, fight!